Services and solutions tailored to your needs

Current markets requirements as to companies include specialization, on the one hand, and the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing needs and volumes of customers, on the other hand. To succeed in such working environment, it is necessary to cooperate with reliable, diverse and flexible companies. 

The Vainio corporation meets this challenge by providing wide range of services covering the entire life of products, ranging from design to prototyping, manufacturing process improvements, mass production and overhaul.

Our business is based on long-term, mutually beneficial and trust-involving cooperation, as well as permanent development. Using new technology and diversified personnel competence, we want to be the most desirable partner for our customers, which comprehensively and reliably meets their needs in the international workspace. Regardless of whether your needs relate to separate areas of production or the delivery of large-scale system, the Vainio corporation is the right partner to go to with your requests.